The network for those who want to make a difference 

The Texas Conservative Action Network is a new and exciting way for those around the state to make a positive difference in their state government.
By joining TCAN, you will be able to let your legislators know what you think about issues, keep up-to-date with legislation, and connect with others that share your interests.
There is NO COST TO JOIN, other than to SIGN ONTO BILLS and support legislation included on this website and the grassroots liberty movement.

​From events to white papers to alerts, participants will be able to become well informed about the politics of the state and those who are working to help freedom and liberty thrive in Texas.

The Texas Conservative Action Network will provide those conservatives who have been constantly disappointed in the actions of "our" elected officials a means to enact the censure and penalties that so many disappointing "conservative" politicians so richly deserve. Utilizing the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) 2016 Censure Rule (#44) and the 2016 RTP Platform, Texas activists will be able to directly hold their elected officials accountable.
Note that this website will do nothing without the active participation of the grassroots. There is no hidden team churning out policy or positions for the grassroots. Individual activists must "act" and submit their own ideas for public discourse. Additionally, there will be no staff to round up support for the grassroots policies and positions. THIS YOU MUST DO YOURSELVES! The stronger you believe in an idea, the more responsibility you must take on yourself to maximize grassroots support. And finally, if you expect politicians to be accountable to "we the people," you must act to ensure that they are held to account for actions contrary to conservative principles and values. Therefore, the Texas Conservative Action Network depends solely on the "actions" of the Texas grassroots.
Tom & Toni Fabry, JoAnn Fleming,
Dale & Mary Huls, Bill Hussey and Ray Myers