Texas Grassroots Accountability Project (TGAP)

TGAP Watchdog

“The grassroots spends an incredible amount of resources in time and money to advocate conservative liberty issues with elected officials and support political challengers that align themselves to grassroots principles and values.  However, many state lawmakers either disregard the voice of the grassroots or take its support for granted.  These politicians invariably run as staunch conservatives but govern as liberals or fall into corrupt cronyism.  Unfortunately, traditional methods used to make these incumbent politicians accountable to the people are marginal at best in results beneficial to the liberty movement. 

​Therefore, under the Texas Grassroots Accountability Project (TGAP), citizen activists can hold elected officials answerable for their actions while in office using the new RPT Censure rule (Rule #44 – Censure Process and Penalties).  This website will show grassroots watchdogs how to draft pre-censure and censure county resolutions and track those politicians who have earned a public rebuke from the conservative grassroots.”